You can scan virtual machines and virtual appliances in the vSphere inventory against attached baselines and baseline groups from the vSphere Web Client by using the Update Manager Web Client. You can later perform staging and remediation from the Update Manager Client plug-in for the vSphere Client.

About this task

After you import a VMware Studio created virtual appliance in the vSphere Web Client, power it on so that it is discovered as a virtual appliance.


  1. Start the vSphere Web Client, and log in to the vCenter Server system.
  2. In the vSphere Web Client object navigator, select a virtual machine, virtual appliance, or a folder of virtual machines and appliances.
  3. Click the Monitor tab, and click Update Manager.
  4. Click Scan and select the types of updates to scan for.

    You can scan for Virtual appliance upgrades, VMware Tools upgrades, and VM Hardware upgrades.

  5. Click OK.


The virtual machines and appliances are scanned against the attached baselines, depending on the options that you selected.

What to do next

Stage and remediate the scanned inventory object in Update Manager Client plug-in for the vSphere Client.