To use an Oracle database for Update Manager, you must first set up the database.


  1. Download Oracle 11g or Oracle 12c from the Oracle Web site, install it, and create a database (for example, VUM).

    Make sure that the TNS Listener is up and running, and test the database service to be sure it is working.

  2. Download Oracle ODBC from the Oracle Web site.

    For Oracle database servers of version or, use Oracle Instant Client Package - ODBC of version for 32-bit Microsoft Windows.

  3. Install the corresponding Oracle ODBC driver through the Oracle Universal Installer.
  4. Increase the number of open cursors for the database.

    Add the entry open_cursors = 300 to the ORACLE_BASE\ADMIN\VUM\pfile\init.ora file.

    In this example, ORACLE_BASE is the root of the Oracle directory tree.