Update Manager checks for virtual appliance upgrades, host patches, and extensions at regular intervals. Generally, the default schedule settings are sufficient, but you can change the schedule if your environment requires more or less frequent checks.

About this task

In some cases you might want to decrease the duration between checks for updates. If you are not concerned about the latest updates and want to reduce network traffic, or if you cannot access the update servers, you can increase the duration between checks for updates.

By default the task to download update metadata and binaries is enabled and is called VMware vSphere Update Manager Update Download task. By modifying this task, you can configure checking for updates. You can modify the VMware vSphere Update Manager Update Download task from either the Scheduled Tasks view of the vSphere Client or the Configuration tab of the Update Manager Client Administration view.


To download update data, the machine on which Update Manager is installed must have Internet access.

Connect the vSphere Client to a vCenter Server system with which Update Manager is registered, and on the Home page, click Update Manager under Solutions and Applications. If your vCenter Server system is part of a connected group in vCenter Linked Mode, you must specify the Update Manager instance to use, by selecting the name of the corresponding vCenter Server system in the navigation bar.


  1. On the Configuration tab under Settings, click Download Schedule.
  2. Make sure that the Enable scheduled download check box is selected.

    If you deselect the check box, the scheduled task that checks for updates is disabled. However, you can still force a check and download updates by clicking Download Now in Download Settings on the Configuration tab.

  3. Click Edit Download Schedule on the upper-right.

    The Schedule Update Download wizard appears.

  4. Specify a task name and, optionally, a description, or keep the defaults.
  5. Specify the Frequency, Start Time, Interval of the update download, and click Next.
  6. (Optional) Specify one or more email addresses to be notified when the new updates are downloaded, and click Next.

    You must configure mail settings for the vCenter Server system to enable this option.

  7. On the Ready to Complete page, click Finish.


The task runs according to the time you specified.