Because of loss of network connectivity or the restart of the servers, the connection between the Update Manager plug-in and the Update Manager server or vCenter Server system might get interrupted.


The connection between the Update Manager plug-in and the Update Manager server or vCenter Server system is interrupted, when the servers are restarting or are stopped. In such a case various symptoms are observed.

  • Update Manager plug-in displays a reconnection dialog, and after 15-20 seconds, a failure message appears. The plug-in is disabled.
  • Update Manager plug-in displays a reconnection dialog. Within 15-20 seconds, the dialog disappears, and the plug-in can be used.
  • vSphere Client displays a reconnection dialog. After an interval, it displays the login form. To use Update Manager, you must re-enable the Update Manager plug-in.


  • The Update Manager server stops and is not available for more than 15-20 seconds.
  • The Update Manager server restarts, and the service becomes available within 15-20 seconds.
  • vCenter Server stops.


  • If the Update Manager server has stopped, start the Update Manager service and re-enable the Update Manager Client plug-in.
  • If the Update Manager server has restarted, wait for it to become available.
  • If the vCenter Server service has stopped, start the vCenter Server service and enable the Update Manager plug-in.