You can view available virtual appliance upgrades in the Update Manager Administration view.

About this task

Available virtual appliance upgrades are stored in the Update Manager repository. When you upgrade virtual appliances, you can select to which version to upgrade. You can view and filter available upgrades. You can also view change logs and accept EULAs for the available virtual appliance upgrades.


Connect the vSphere Client to a vCenter Server system with which Update Manager is registered, and on the Home page, click Update Manager under Solutions and Applications. If your vCenter Server system is part of a connected group in vCenter Linked Mode, you must specify the Update Manager instance to use, by selecting the name of the corresponding vCenter Server system in the navigation bar.


  1. In the Update Manager Administration view, click the VA Upgrades tab to view all available virtual appliance upgrades.
  2. (Optional) If available, click EULA - Not Accepted in the EULA column to accept EULAs for virtual appliance upgrades.

    You can accepts EULAs from either the Remediation wizard or from the VA Upgrades tab. EULAs need to be accepted only once.

  3. (Optional) Right-click the name of a virtual appliance and select View change log to view additional information in the Virtual Appliance Change Log Details window.