If your database is located on the same machine on which vCenter Server will be installed, and you have changed the name of this machine, make sure the vCenter Server DSN is configured to communicate with the new name of the machine.

About this task

Changing the vCenter Server computer name impacts database communication if the database server is on the same computer with vCenter Server. If you changed the machine name, you can verify that communication remains intact.

The name change has no effect on communication with remote databases. You can skip this procedure if your database is remote.

Check with your database administrator or the database vendor to make sure all components of the database are working after you rename the server.


  • Make sure the database server is running.

  • Make sure that the vCenter Server computer name is updated in the domain name service (DNS).


  1. Update the data source information, as needed.
  2. Ping the computer name to test this connection.

    For example, if the computer name is host-1.company.com, run the following command in the Windows command prompt:

    ping host-1.company.com

    If you can ping the computer name, the name is updated in DNS.