You can use the inventory tree in the vSphere Web Client to browse and select objects as an alternative to the navigator.

The inventory tree shows a hierarchical arrangement of objects in four different views: Hosts and Clusters, VMs and Templates, Storage, or Networking.


  1. From the vSphere Web Client Home, click vCenter.
  2. Under Inventory Trees, click one of the four categories to display one of the tree views.
  3. Click the triangle next to any object to expand the tree and show the child objects.
  4. Select an object in the inventory tree to display information about the object in the center pane.
  5. (Optional) Click the selected object to shift to the navigator and bring the object into focus.
  6. Click one of the tabs in the center pane to access additional information and actions.



    Getting Started

    View introductory information and access basic actions.


    View basic status and configuration for an object.


    View alarms, performance data, resource allocation, events, and other status information for an object.


    Configure settings, alarm definitions, tags, and permissions.

    Related Objects

    View related objects.