You can view information about a license key such as its associated product and capacity from the Licensing option in the vSphere Web Client.


Required privilege: Global > Licenses


  1. In the vSphere Web Client, select Administration, and under Licensing, select Licenses.
  2. From the vCenter Server drop-down menu, select the vCenter Server system where the license key resides.

    If the vCenter Server system is part of a Linked Mode group, the license key resides in the shared license inventory of the group.

  3. Select the License Keys tab.
  4. In the table, select the row of the license key for which you want to view information.
  5. Click the license key.


The vSphere Web Client displays information about the license key. You can view the product that is associated with the license key, the capacity of the key, the assets to which the license key is assigned, and other information.