If you connect a vCenter Server system to a Linked Mode group and the vCenter Server system has a machine name that does not match the domain name, several connectivity problems arise. Correct this situation by changing the URLs.

If you do not update the URLs, remote instances of vCenter Server cannot reach the vCenter Server system, because the default vCenter Server URL entries are no longer accurate. The vCenter Server installer configures default URL entries as follows:

  • For the Virtualcenter.VimApiUrl key, the default value is http(s)://Fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of vCenter Server machine/sdkvCenter Server.
  • For the Virtualcenter.VimWebServicesUrl key, the default value is https://FQDN of vCenter Server machine:installed-webservices-port/vwsvCenter Server.


  1. Isolate the vCenter Server system from the Linked Mode group.
  2. Change the domain name or the machine name to make them match.
  3. From the vSphere Web Client, connect directly to the vCenter Server instance on which you have changed the domain or machine name.
  4. Select the vCenter Server instance in the inventory.
  5. Click the Manage tab and click Settings.
  6. Select Advanced Settings.
  7. For the Virtualcenter.VimApiUrl key, change the value to point to the location where the vSphere Web Client and SDK clients can access the vCenter Server system.
    For example: http(s)://machine-name/IP address:vc-port/sdk.
  8. For the Virtualcenter.VimWebServicesUrl key, change the value to point to the location where vCenter Server Webservices is installed.
    For example: https://machine-name/ip:webservices-port/vws.
  9. For the Virtualcenter.Instancename key, change the value so that the modified name appears in the vCenter Server inventory view.
  10. Rejoin the vCenter Server system to the Linked Mode group.


The URLs are now correctly configured.