With vSphere Web Client, you can search the inventory for objects that match specified criteria. If the vSphere Web Client is connected to a vCenter Server system that is part of a Linked Mode group, you can search the inventories of all vCenter Server systems in that group.

You can only view and search for inventory objects that you have permission to view. Because the search service queries Active Directory for information about user permissions, you must be logged in to a domain account to search all vCenter Server systems in a Linked Mode group. If you log in using a local account, searches return results only for the local vCenter Server system, even if it is joined to other servers in Linked Mode.


If your permissions change while you are logged in, the search service might not immediately recognize these changes. To ensure that your search is performed with up-to-date permissions, log out of all your open sessions and log in again before you perform the search.