Before you deploy a new virtual machine, you have the option to configure the virtual hardware. When you create a virtual machine, the virtual disk is selected by default. You can use the New device drop-down menu on the Customize Hardware page to add a new hard disk, select an existing disk, or add an RDM disk.

About this task

For information about virtual disk configuration, including instructions for adding different types of disks, see Add a Hard Disk to a Virtual Machine in the vSphere Web Client.

For help configuring other virtual machine hardware, see Configuring Virtual Machine Hardware in the vSphere Web Client.


  1. (Optional) To add a new virtual hardware device, select the device from the New device drop-down menu and click Add.
  2. (Optional) Expand any device to view and configure the device settings.
  3. To remove a device, move your cursor over the device and click the Remove icon.

    This icon appears only for virtual hardware that you can safely remove.

  4. Click Next.