You use the Create New Virtual Machine wizard to create a virtual machine to place in the vSphere inventory. You open the wizard from the vSphere Client.

The selections you make in the New Virtual Machine wizard are not saved until you click Finish on the Ready to Complete page. If you cancel the wizard without completing all tasks, you cannot resume the wizard where you left off. You must start a new creation task.

You can create a new virtual machine in a datacenter, host, cluster, resource pool, or virtual machine folder.


Verify that you have the following privileges:
  • Host.Local operations.Create virtual machine
  • Virtual machine.Inventory.Create new on the destination folder or datacenter.
  • Virtual machine.Configuration.Add new disk on the destination folder or datacenter, if you are adding a new disk.
  • Virtual machine.Configuration.Add existing disk on the destination folder or datacenter, if you are adding an existing disk.
  • Virtual machine.Configuration.Raw device on the destination folder or datacenter, if you are using a RDM or SCSI pass-through device.
  • Virtual Machine.Configuration.Network
  • Resource.Assign virtual machine to resource pool on the destination host, cluster, or resource pool.
  • Datastore.Allocate space on the destination datastore or datastore folder.
  • Network.Assign network on the network that the virtual machine will be assigned to.


  1. Display the inventory objects in the vSphere Client by using the Host and Clusters view or the VM and Templates view.
  2. Right-click an object and select New > Virtual Machine.
    The New Virtual Machine wizard opens.

What to do next

Select a Typical or Custom configuration option in the New Virtual Machine wizard.