The vCenter Server system and ESXi hosts adhere to certain rules when managing tasks.

The vCenter Server system and ESXi hosts use the following rules to process tasks:

  • The user performing the task in the vSphere Client must have the correct permissions on the relevant objects. After a scheduled task is created, it will be performed even if the user no longer has permission to perform the task.
  • When the operations required by manual tasks and scheduled tasks conflict, the activity due first is started first.
  • When a virtual machine or host is in an incorrect state to perform any activity, manual or scheduled, vCenter Server or the ESXi host does not perform the task. A message is recorded in the log.
  • When an object is removed from the vCenter Server or the ESXi host, all associated tasks are also removed.
  • The vSphere Client and vCenter Server system use UTC time to determine the start time of a scheduled task. This ensures vSphere Client users in different time zones see the task scheduled to run at their local time.

Events are logged in the event log at start and completion of a task. Any errors that occur during a task are also recorded in the event log.

Caution: Do not schedule multiple tasks to be performed at the same time on the same object. The results are unpredictable.