You can disable CHAP if your storage system does not require it.

Before you begin

Launch the vSphere Client and log in to a vCenter Server system.

Required privilege: Host > Configuration > Storage Partition Configuration

About this task

If you disable CHAP on a system that requires CHAP authentication, existing iSCSI sessions remain active until you reboot your host, end the session through the command line, or the storage system forces a logout. After the session ends, you can no longer connect to targets that require CHAP.


  1. Open the CHAP Credentials dialog box.
  2. For software and dependent hardware iSCSI adapters, to disable just the mutual CHAP and leave the one-way CHAP, select Do not use CHAP in the Mutual CHAP area.
  3. To disable one-way CHAP, select Do not use CHAP in the CHAP area.

    The mutual CHAP, if set up, automatically turns to Do not use CHAP when you disable the one-way CHAP.

  4. Click OK.