Statistic intervals determine the frequency at which statistic queries occur, the length of time statistical data is stored in the database, and the type of statistical data collected.

Required privilege: Global.Settings

Note: Not all interval attributes are configurable.


To configure statistics settings, the vSphere Client must be connected to a vCenter Server system.


  1. If necessary, select Administration > Settings to open the vCenter Server Settings dialog boxvCenter Server.
  2. In the navigation panel, select Statistics.
  3. In the Statistics Intervals section, select or deselect a collection interval to enable or disable it.
    Enabling a longer interval automatically enables all shorter intervals.
  4. To change a collection interval attribute, select its row in the Statistics Interval section and click Edit to open the Edit Collection Interval dialog box.
    1. In Keep Samples for, select an archive length.
      This option is configurable only for the Day and Year intervals.
    2. In Statistics Interval, select an interval duration.
      This option is configurable only for the Day interval.
    3. In Statistics Level select a new level interval level.
      Level 4 uses the highest number of statistics counters. Use it only for debugging purposes.

      The statistics level must be less than or equal to the statistics level set for the preceeding statistics interval. This is a vCenter Server dependency.

  5. (Optional) In the Database Size section, estimate the effect of the statistics settings on the database.
    1. Enter the number of Physical Hosts.
    2. Enter the number of Virtual Machines.
      The estimated space required and number of database rows required are calculated and displayed.
    3. If necessary, make changes to your statistics collection settings.
  6. Click OK.