You can deploy, monitor, and interact with solutions that are installed in a vCenter Server instance with the vCenter Solutions Manager. The Solutions Manager displays information about the health of a solution.

You can navigate to the Solutions Manager from the home page of the vSphere Client. The Solutions Manager view displays information about the solution:

  • Solution name
  • Solution health
  • vService providers


Launch the vSphere Client and log in to a vCenter Server system.


  1. Click the Solutions Manager icon from vSphere Client home.
  2. Navigate through the tabs in the Solutions Manager.
    • Summary tab. Lists the number of installed solutions and a brief health overview for each of the solutions.
    • Solutions tab. Lists each managed solution.
    • Health tab. Provides the health status of the vCenter services. It also shows alerts or warnings for each of the services.
  3. In the Solutions Manager inventory, click one of the solutions.
    • Summary tab. Lists information about the solution, including a link to the product and vendor Web sites, a link to launch the management UI in a separate window, and a link to the virtual machine or vApp running this solution.

      Selecting the vendor Web site link takes you to the Summary page of the virtual machine or vApp. A link under "Managed by" returns you to the solution.

    • Virtual Machines tab. Lists all the virtual machines belonging to the solution
    • vServices Providers tab.
    • Management tab or any other tabs the solution specified.