To schedule a task, use the Scheduled Task wizard.

Required privilege: Schedule Task.Create Tasks

You can schedule a limited number of tasks by using the vSphere Client. If the task to schedule is not available, use the vSphere API. See the vSphere SDK Programming Guide.

Caution: Do not schedule multiple tasks to be performed at the same time on the same object. The results are unpredictable.


The vSphere Client must be connected to a vCenter Server system to schedule tasks.


  1. In the navigation bar, click Home > Management > Scheduled Tasks.
    The current list of scheduled tasks appears.
  2. In the toolbar, click New.
  3. In the Select a Task to Schedule dialog box, select a task and click OK to open the wizard for that task.
    Note: For some scheduled tasks, the wizard opens the wizard used specifically for that task. For example, to migrate a virtual machine, the Scheduled Task wizard opens the Migrate Virtual Machine Wizard, which you use to set up the migration details.
  4. Complete the wizard that opens for the task.
  5. In the Schedule Task section, enter a task name and task description.
  6. Select a Frequency and specify a Start Time.
    You can schedule a task to run only once during a day. To set up a task to run multiple times in one day, set up additional scheduled tasks.
    Table 1. Scheduled Task Frequency Options
    Frequency Action
    • To run the scheduled task immediately, select Now and click Next.
    • To run the scheduled task at a later time and date, select Later and enter a Time. Click the Date arrow to display the calendar and click a date.
    After Startup
    • In Delay, enter the number of minutes to delay the task.
    1. In Start Time, enter the number of minutes after the hour to run the task.
    2. In Interval, enter the number of hours after which to run the task.

    For example, to start a task at the half-hour mark of every 5th hour, enter 30 and 5.

    • Enter the Start Time and Interval.

    For example, to run the task at 2:30 pm every four days, enter 2:30 and 4.

    1. Enter the Interval and Start Time.
    2. Select each day on which to run the task.

    For example, to run the task at 6 am every Tuesday and Thursday, enter 1 and 6 am, and select Tuesday and Thursday.

    1. Enter the Start Time.
    2. Specify the days by using one of the following methods.
      • Enter a specific date of the month.
      • Select first, second, third, fourth, or last, and select the day of the week.

        last runs the task on the last week in the month that the day occurs. For example, if you select the last Monday of the month and the month ends on a Sunday, the task runs six days before the end of the month.

    3. In Interval, enter the number of months between each task run.
  7. Click Next.
  8. Set up email notifications and click Next.
  9. Click Finish.


The vCenter Server system adds the task to the list in the Scheduled Tasks window.