You can create a profile, attach a profile, or update reference hosts from the cluster's context menu.


In the Hosts and Clusters view, right-click a cluster and select Host Profile > Manage Profile. Depending on your host profile setup, one of the following results occurs:

Profile Status and Task


If the cluster is not attached to a host profile and no profile exist in your inventory, create a profile.

  1. A dialog box opens asking if you would like to create a profile and attach it to the cluster.

  2. If you select Yes, the Create Profile wizard opens.

If the cluster is not attached to a host profile and one or more profiles exist in your inventory, attach a profile.

  1. The Attach Profile dialog opens.

  2. Select the profile you want to attach to the cluster and click OK.

If the cluster is already attached to a host profile, detach a profile or attach to a different profile.

In the dialog box, click Detach to detach the profile from the cluster or Change to attach a different profile to the cluster.