This vSphere Administration with the vSphere Client documentation is updated with each release of the product or when necessary.

This table provides the update history of the vSphere Administration with the vSphere Client.

Revision Description
13 AUG 2020 At VMware, we value inclusion. To foster this principle within our customer, partner, and internal community, we are replacing some of the terminology in our content. We have updated this guide to remove instances of non-inclusive language.
02 AUG 2019 Updated the Windows requirements information in Guest Operating System Customization Requirements.
18 OCT 2017 Added information that you cannot modify the login name and the password of an ESXi host user in Modify the Settings for a User on the Host.
EN-001606-03 Fixed the default distributed port group security policies in Edit the Security Policy for a Distributed Port Group .
  • Removed information related to vSphere Storage Appliance. This functionality is deprecated in vSphere 6.0.
  • Added a note to Using the vSphere Client about enabling an Active Directory user.
EN-001606-00 Initial release.