You can add a virtual machine to a cluster in three ways.

  • When you add a host to a cluster, all virtual machines on that host are added to the cluster.
  • When a virtual machine is created, the New Virtual Machine wizard prompts you for the location to place the virtual machine. You can select a standalone host or a cluster and you can select any resource pool inside the host or cluster.
  • You can migrate a virtual machine from a standalone host to a cluster or from a cluster to another cluster using the Migrate Virtual Machine wizard. To start this wizard either drag the virtual machine object on top of the cluster object or right-click the virtual machine name and select Migrate.

    Note: You can drag a virtual machine directly to a resource pool within a cluster. In this case, the Migrate Virtual Machine wizard is started but the resource pool selection page does not appear. Migrating directly to a host within a cluster is not allowed because the resource pool controls the resources.