vSphere can monitor distributed ports and provide information on the current state of each port and the port's runtime statistics.


Launch the vSphere Client and log in to a vCenter Server system.


  1. Log in to the vSphere Client and select the Networking inventory view.
  2. Select the vSphere distributed switch in the inventory pane.
  3. On the Ports tab, click Start Monitoring Port State.


The table on the Ports tab for the distributed switch now displays runtime statistics for each distributed port, including broadcast, multicast, and unicast ingress and egress traffic and packets.

The State column displays the current state for each distributed port.

Table 1. Distributed Port States
State Description
Link Up The link for this distributed port is up.
Link Down The link for this distributed port is down.
Blocked This distributed port is blocked.
-- The state of this distributed port is currently unavailable.