You can change the power-on connection setting, the MAC address, and the network connection for the virtual network adapter configuration for a virtual machine.

Before you begin

Required Privileges:

  • Virtual machine > Configuration > Modify device settings for editing the MAC address and network.

  • Virtual machine > Interaction > Device connection for changing Connect and Connect at power on.

  • Network > Assign network


  1. In the vSphere Client inventory, right-click the virtual machine and select Edit Settings.
  2. Click the Hardware tab and select the appropriate NIC in the Hardware list.
  3. (Optional) : To connect the virtual NIC when the virtual machine is powered on, select Connect at power on.
  4. (Optional) : Click the blue information icon under DirectPath I/O to view details regarding the virtual NIC's DirectPath I/O status and capability.
  5. Select an option for MAC address configuration.




    vSphere assigns a MAC address automatically.


    Type the MAC address to use.

  6. Configure the Network Connection for the virtual NIC.



    Standard settings

    The virtual NIC connects to a standard or distributed port group. Select the port group for the virtual NIC to connect to from the Network label drop-down menu.

    Advanced settings

    The virtual NIC connects to a specific port on a vSphere distributed switch. This option appears only when a vSphere distributed switch is available.

    1. Click Switch to advanced settings.

    2. Select a vSphere distributed switch for the virtual NIC to use from the VDS drop-down menu.

    3. Type the Port ID of the distributed port for virtual NIC to connect to.

  7. Click OK to save your changes.