You must activate your software iSCSI adapter so that your host can use it to access iSCSI storage.

You can activate only one software iSCSI adapter.


Launch the vSphere Client and log in to a vCenter Server system.

Required privilege: Host.Configuration.Storage Partition Configuration

Note: If you boot from iSCSI using the software iSCSI adapter, the adapter is enabled and the network configuration is created at the first boot. If you disable the adapter, it is reenabled each time you boot the host.


  1. Log in to the vSphere Client, and select a host from the inventory panel.
  2. Click the Configuration tab and click Storage Adapters in the Hardware panel.
  3. Click Add and select Software iSCSI Adapter.
    The software iSCSI adapter appears on the list of storage adapters.
  4. Select the iSCSI adapter from the list and click Properties.
  5. Click Configure.
  6. Make sure that the adapter is enabled and click OK.
    After enabling the adapter, the host assigns the default iSCSI name to it. If you change the default name, follow iSCSI naming conventions.