Use the vSphere Client to enable Jumbo Frames for each vSphere standard switch and VMkernel adapter designated for iSCSI traffic.

Enable Jumbo Frames on the Standard switch and VMkernel adapter by changing the maximum transmission units (MTU) parameter.


Launch the vSphere Client and log in to a vCenter Server system.


  1. Log in to the vSphere Client, and select a host from the inventory panel.
  2. Click the Configuration tab and click Networking.
  3. Click Properties for the standard switch you use for iSCSI traffic.
  4. On the Ports tab, select the standard switch and click Edit.
  5. Set the MTU parameter for the standard switch, and click OK.
    This step sets the MTU for all physical NICs on that standard switch. The MTU value should be set to the largest MTU size among all NICs connected to the standard switch.
  6. On the Ports tab, select the VMkernel adapter and click Edit.
  7. Set the MTU to match the value configured on the standard switch, and click OK.