The vSphere Client enables you to connect to an ESXi host.


  • Verify that you have the vCenter Server installer or the vSphere Client installer.
  • Verify that you are a member of the Administrators group on the system.
  • Verify that the system has an Internet connection.


  1. Run the vSphere Client installer in one of the following ways.
    Option Description
    If you are installing from the vCenter Server installer
    1. In the software installer directory, double-click the autorun.exe file.
    2. Select vSphereClient.
    3. Click Install.
    If you downloaded the vSphere Client Double-click the VMware-viclient-build number.exe file.
  2. Follow the prompts in the wizard to complete the installation.


You can use the vSphere Client to connect to an ESXi host or to connect to a vCenter Server system.