Your environment might contain multiple vCenter Server instances registered with different external Platform Services Controller instances, and the infrastructure data is replicated between the Platform Services Controller instances. You can use vSphere Data Protection for backing up and restoring the whole environment so that you can restore any failed vCenter Server instances.

Important: You can back up and restore only virtual machines that contain vCenter Server, vCenter Server Appliance, and Platform Services Controller. You cannot back up and restore physical machines that are running vCenter Server by using vSphere Data Protection.
  1. Deploy the vSphere Data Protection Appliance.

    See Deploy the vSphere Data Protection OVF Template.

  2. Complete the initial vSphere Data Protection configuration.

    See Configure vSphere Data Protection.

  3. Perform image-based backups of all Platform Services Controller and vCenter Server instances.

    See Create a Backup Job in vSphere Data Protection.

    Note: Back up all vCenter Server and Platform Services Controller instances at the same time.
  4. (Optional) To run an existing backup job immediately, start the process manually.

    See Start a Backup Job Manually.

  5. Restore each failed vCenter Server.
  6. Power on the virtual machine that contains the restored vCenter Server.