In some situations, you might have a problem with the Auto Deploy database. The most efficient recovery option is to replace the existing database file with the most recent backup.


When you use Auto Deploy to provision the ESXi hosts in your environment, you might encounter a problem with the Auto Deploy database.
Important: This is a rare problem. Follow all other Auto Deploy troubleshooting strategies before you replace the current database file. Rules or associations that you created since the backup you choose are lost.


This problem happens only with hosts that are provisioned with Auto Deploy.


  1. Stop the Auto Deploy server service.
  2. Find the Auto Deploy log by going to the Auto Deploy page in the vSphere Web Client.
  3. Check the logs for the following message:
    DatabaseError: database disk image is malformed.

    If you see the message, replace the existing database with the most recent backup.

  4. Go to the Auto Deploy data directory.
    Operating System File Location
    vCenter Server appliance /var/lib/rbd
    Microsoft Windows The data directory you selected during installation. To find it, type the following command into a command prompt.
    reg.exe QUERY "HKLM\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\VMware, Inc.\VMware vSphere Auto Deploy" /v DataPath
    The directory contains a file named db, and backup files named db- yyy- mm- dd.
  5. Rename the current db file.
    VMware Support might ask for that file if you call for assistance.
  6. Rename the most recent backup to db.
  7. Restart the Auto Deploy server service.
  8. If the message still appears in the log, repeat the steps to use the next recent backup until Auto Deploy works without database errors.