Preparing the DNS server involves adding the DHCP information to the DNS server and verifying that the DNS entries are working. This task is optional.

The example environment uses Active Directory with DNS and DHCP.


Perform all preceding proof of concept setup tasks. See Auto Deploy Proof of Concept Setup for the complete list.


  1. Log in to the DNS server.
  2. Add the DHCP reservation IP addresses and the associated host names as static DNS entries.
    Be sure to add entries in both Forward (ARecord) and Reverse (PTR Record) Zones.
  3. Log in to the console of the Windows system on which vCenter Server is installed with administrator privileges, either directly or by using RDP.
  4. Open a command prompt and perform an nslookup of ESXi host names to validate that the DNS entries are working.
    Use both forward (Short and FQDN) and reverse lookups.
  5. Log out of your DNS server.