You can install vCenter Server on a Microsoft Windows virtual machine or physical server to manage your vSphere environment.

Before you install vCenter Server, download the ISO file and mount it to the Windows host machine from which you want to perform the installation, and then start the installation wizard.

For information about the vCenter Server requirements, see vCenter Server for Windows Requirements.

For information about the inputs that are required during the installation of vCenter Server, see Required Information for Installing vCenter Server.

After you install vCenter Server, only the user administrator@your_domain_name has the privileges to log in to the vCenter Server system.

The administrator@your_domain_name user can perform the following tasks:

  • Add an identity source in which additional users and groups are defined in vCenter Single Sign-On.
  • Assign roles to users and groups to give them privileges.

For information about adding identity sources and giving permissions to the users and groups, see vSphere Security.