You must Copy and run the VMware Migration Assistant on your source vCenter Server or vCenter Single Sign-On to prepare it for migration from Windows to an appliance.

About this task

You run the VMware Migration Assistant on your source vCenter Server or vCenter Single Sign-On to:

  1. Discover the source deployment type.

  2. Run pre-checks on the source.

  3. Report errors that must be addressed before starting the migration.

  4. Provide information for the next steps in the migration process.


Ensure that the Migration Assistant window remains open during the migration process. Closing the Migration Assistant causes the migration process to stop.


  • Download the vCenter Server Appliance Installer

  • If your vCenter Server service is running in a service user account for access to the vCenter Server database and you run Migration Assistant under a different account, the Migration Assistant account must have the Replace a process level token permission.


  1. Navigate to the migration-assistant directory of the vCenter Server Appliance installer package and copy the migration-assistant folder to the source vCenter Server or vCenter Single Sign-On instance.
  2. Start Migration Assistant
    • Double-click VMware-Migration-Assistant.exe

    • From the command line run VMware-Migration-Assistant.exe --help to launch Migration Assistant and display the help options.

    The VMware Migration Assistant runs pre-migration checks and prompts you to resolve any errors it finds before proceeding with the migration.

  3. Enter the user name and password of a user who has administrative privileges on the vCenter Server instance, for example, the administrator@vsphere.local user


When the pre-checks are finished and any errors are addressed, your source system is ready for migration.

What to do next

Follow the VMware Migration Assistant instructions to start migration.


Leave the Migration Assistant window open until you complete the migration.