You must Copy and run the VMware Migration Assistant on your source vCenter Server or vCenter Single Sign-On to prepare it for migration from Windows to an appliance.

You run the VMware Migration Assistant on your source vCenter Server or vCenter Single Sign-On to:

  1. Discover the source deployment type.
  2. Run pre-checks on the source.
  3. Report errors that must be addressed before starting the migration.
  4. Provide information for the next steps in the migration process.
Important: Ensure that the Migration Assistant window remains open during the migration process. Closing the Migration Assistant causes the migration process to stop.


  • Download the vCenter Server Appliance Installer
  • If your vCenter Server service is running in a service user account for access to the vCenter Server database and you run Migration Assistant under a different account, the Migration Assistant account must have the Replace a process level token permission.


  1. Navigate to the migration-assistant directory of the vCenter Server Appliance installer package and copy the migration-assistant folder to the source vCenter Server or vCenter Single Sign-On instance.
  2. Start Migration Assistant
    • Double-click VMware-Migration-Assistant.exe
    • (Optional) From the command line run VMware-Migration-Assistant.exe --help to launch Migration Assistant and display the help options.
    The VMware Migration Assistant runs pre-migration checks and prompts you to resolve any errors it finds before proceeding with the migration.
  3. Enter the user name and password of a user who has administrative privileges on the vCenter Server instance, for example, the administrator@vsphere.local user


When the pre-checks are finished and any errors are addressed, your source system is ready for migration.

What to do next

Follow the VMware Migration Assistant instructions to start migration.

Remember: Leave the Migration Assistant window open until you complete the migration.