The Risk badge indicates potential problems that might eventually degrade the performance of the system. Risk does not necessarily imply a current problem. Risk indicates problems that might require your attention in the near future, but not immediately.

vRealize Operations Manager calculates the risk score using the scores of the sub-badges that the Risk badge contains. The formula that is applied to calculate the risk score is inverse geometric weighted mean.

The overall risk score for an object ranges between 0 (no risk) to 100 (serious risk). The badge changes its color based on the badge score thresholds that are set by the vRealize Operations Manager administrator.

Table 1. Object Risk States
Badge Icon Description User Action
Icon for normal risk state. The selected object has no current problems. No problems are expected in the future. No attention required.
Icon for moderate level of risk. A low chance of future problems exists or a potential problem might occur in the far future.
Icon for serious risk status. A chance of a more serious problem exists or a problem might occur in the medium-term future.
Icon for very serious risk status. The chances of a serious future problem are high or a problem might occur in the near future.
Icon for unknown risk status. No data is available or the object is offline.

A vRealize Operations Manager administrator can change the default badge score thresholds. For example, green can indicate a score below 30 instead of 25.