The analytics algorithms of vRealize Operations Manager combine the metrics that show the demand for resources on a virtual machine or another object in a single value, called the workload.

These metrics include CPU use, memory use, and so on.

vRealize Operations Manager indicates the workload by a colored icon that is based on the defined badge score thresholds.

The Workload score ranges from 0 (good) to over 100 (bad). The badge changes its color based on the badge score thresholds that the vRealize Operations Manager administrator sets.

An object with a workload score of 0 is not being used. An object with a workload score above 100 is trying to access more resources than are available to it. In this case, you might have to allocate more resources to the object or move some tasks to other objects.

Table 1. Object Workload States
Badge Icon Description User Action
Icon for normal workload status. Workload on the object is not excessive. No attention required.
Icon for medium workload. Object is experiencing some high-resource workloads. Check and take appropriate action.
Icon for partially high workload. Workload on the object is approaching its capacity in at least one area. Check and take appropriate action as soon as possible.
Icon for excessive workload. Workload on the object is at or over its capacity in one or more areas. Act immediately to avoid or correct problems.
Icon for unknown workload status. No data is available or the object is offline.

A vRealize Operations Manager administrator can change the badge score thresholds. For example, an administrator might change a threshold so that a green Workload badge indicates a score below 80 instead of 85, as set by default.