The health rating gives you an overview of the current operational state of an inventory object.

vRealize Operations Manager calculates the Health score by using the scores of the sub-badges that the Health badge contains. Faults are given precedence in the Health score because they describe existing problems, while Workload and Anomalies are combined to identify performance problems. This approach ensures that the score of the Health badge reflects the actual state of the object, without exaggerating or underestimating problems.

The Health score ranges between 0 (bad) and 100 (good). The badge changes its color based on the badge score thresholds that are set by the vRealize Operations Manager administrator.

Table 1. Object Health States
Badge Icon Description User Action
Icon for Normal health state. The health of the object is normal. No attention required.
Icon for moderate problems with health state. The object is experiencing some level of problems.
Icon for serious problems with health status. The object might have serious problems.
Icon for very serious problems with health status. The object is either not functioning properly or will stop functioning soon.
Icon for unknown health status. No data is available or the object is offline.

A vRealize Operations Manager administrator can change the badge score thresholds. For example, a green Health badge can indicate a score above 80 instead of 75, as set by default.