The Efficiency badge helps you identify optimization opportunities in your systems. Efficiency does not tell you about current or future performance problems, but tells you how to run a more efficient datacenter.

Efficiency badge helps you identify optimizations and opportunities to improve your system performance.

The Efficiency score ranges between 0 (bad) and 100 (good). The badge changes its color based on the badge score thresholds that are set by the vRealize Operations Manager administrator.

Table 1. Object Efficiency States
Badge Icon Description User Action
Icon for normal Efficiency state. The resource use on the selected object is optimal. No attention required.
Icon for moderate problems with the efficiency. The efficiency is good, but can be improved. Some resources are not fully used.
Icon for serious problems with efficiency. The resources on the selected object are not used in the most optimal way.
Icon for very low efficiency. The efficiency is bad. Many resources are wasted.
Icon for unknown Efficiency. No data is available or the object is offline.

A vRealize Operations Manager administrator can change the badge score thresholds. For example, a green Efficiency badge can indicate a score above 40 instead of 25, as set by default.