Enable the traffic filtering and marking policy on a port to configure traffic security and marking on a virtual machine network adapter, VMkernel adapter, or uplink adapter.


To override a policy on distributed port level, enable the port-level override option for this policy. See Configure Overriding Networking Policies on Port Level.


  1. Navigate to a distributed port or an uplink port.
    • To navigate to the distributed ports of the switch, click Manage > Ports.

    • To navigate to the uplink ports of an uplink port group, click Related Objects > Uplink Port Groups, double-click an uplink port group from the list, and select Ports on the Manage tab.

  2. Select a port from the list.
  3. Click Edit distributed port settings.
  4. Select Traffic filtering and marking.
  5. Select the Override check box, and from the Status drop-down menu, select Enabled.
  6. Click OK.

What to do next

Set up traffic filtering or marking for the data flowing through the distributed port or through the uplink port. See Mark Traffic on a Distributed Port or Uplink Port and Filter Traffic on a Distributed Port or Uplink Port.