To authenticate the vSphere Authentication Proxy to ESXi, you must provide ESXi with the proxy server certificate.


Install the vSphere Authentication Proxy (CAM service) on a host. See Install or Upgrade vSphere Authentication Proxy.


  1. On the authentication proxy server system, use the IIS Manager to export the certificate.
    Option Action
    For IIS 6
    1. Right-click Computer Account Management Web Site.
    2. Select Properties > Directory Security > View Certificate.
    For IIS 7
    1. Click Computer Account Management Web Site in the left pane.
    2. Select Bindings to open the Site Bindings dialog box.
    3. Select https binding.
    4. Select Edit > View SSL Certificate .
  2. Select Details > Copy to File.
  3. Select the options Do Not Export the Private Key and Base-64 encoded X.509 (CER).

What to do next

Import the certificate to ESXi.