You can delete users that are in the vsphere.local domain from the vCenter Single Sign-On. You cannot delete local operating system users or users in another domain from the vSphere Web Client.

Caution: If you delete the administrator user in the vsphere.local domain, you can no longer log in to vCenter Single Sign-On. Reinstall vCenter Server and its components.


  1. Log in to the vSphere Web Client as administrator@vsphere.local or as another user with vCenter Single Sign-On administrator privileges.
    Users with vCenter Single Sign-On administrator privileges are in the Administrators group in the vsphere.local domain.
  2. Click Home, and browse to Administration > Single Sign-On > Users and Groups.
  3. Select the Users tab, and select the vsphere.local domain.
  4. In the list of users, select the user that you want to delete and click the Delete icon.
    Proceed with caution. You cannot undo this action.