The TLS Configuration utility performs a backup each time the script modifies vCenter Server, Platform Services Controller, or vSphere Update Manager. If you need a backup to a specific directory, you can perform a manual backup.

The default directory differs for Windows and the appliance.
OS Backup Directory
Windows c:\users\current_user\appdata\local\temp\yearmonthdayTtime
Linux /tmp/yearmonthdayTtime


  1. Change directory to the vSphereTlsReconfigurator, and then to the VcTlsReconfigurator subdirectory.
    OS Command
    C:\Program Files\VMware\CIS\vSphereTlsReconfigurator\
    cd VcTlsReconfigurator
    cd /usr/lib/vmware-vSphereTlsReconfigurator/
    cd VcTlsReconfigurator
  2. Run the following command to make a backup to a specific directory.
    OS Command
    directory_path\VcTlsReconfigurator> reconfigureVc backup -d backup_directory_path
    directory_path/VcTlsReconfigurator> ./reconfigureVc backup -d backup_directory_path
  3. Verify that the backup was successful.
    A successful backup looks similar to the following example.
    vCenter Transport Layer Security reconfigurator,  version=6.0.0, build=8482376
    For more information, refer to the following article:"
    Log file: "C:\ProgramData\VMware\vCenterServer\logs\vmware\vSphere-TlsReconfigurator\VcTlsReconfigurator.log".
    ================= Backing up vCenter Server TLS  configuration ==================
    Using backup directory:  c:\users\admini~1\appdata\local\temp\1\20170202T054311
    Backing up: vmsyslogcollector
    Backing up: vspherewebclientsvc
    Backing up: vmware-autodeploy-waiter
    Backing up: rhttpproxy
    Backing up: VMwareSTS
    Backing up: VMWareDirectoryService      
  4. (Optional) If you later have to perform a restore, you can run the following command.
    reconfigure restore -d tmp directory or custom backup directory path