After you install an I/O filter in your vSphere environment, capabilities and data services that the filter provides become registered and surface in the VM Storage Policies interface. You can review these services and capabilities and their default values.


  1. From the vSphere Web Client Home, click Policies and Profiles > VM Storage Policies.
  2. Click the Create a new VM storage policy icon.
  3. Select the vCenter Server instance.
  4. Type a name, for example Cache I/O Filter, and a description for the policy and click Next.
  5. On the Common Rules page, select Use common rules in the storage policy.
  6. From the Add rule drop-down menu, select an I/O filter category, for example cache.
  7. From the Select Value drop-down menu, select the filter, whose capabilities you want to review.
    The panel expands to display data services that the I/O filter provides and corresponding default values.