This vSphere Storage is updated with each release of the product or when necessary.

This table provides the update history of the vSphere Storage.

Revision Description
19 APR 2022 Minor revisions.
15 AUG 2020 At VMware, we value inclusion. To foster this principle within our customer, partner, and internal community, we are replacing some of the terminology in our content. We have updated this guide to remove instances of non-inclusive language.
27 JUN 2019 Minor revisions.
27 NOV 2018 Minor revisions.
12 JUL 2018 Minor revisions.
18 APR 2018 Minor revisions.
20 MAR 2018 Minor revisions.
14 FEB 2018 Minor revisions.
EN-001799-07 Copy Datastore Folders or Files now includes a statement that the Datastore Browser does not support copying VM files across vCenter Servers.
EN-001799-06 Use Datastore Browser has been updated to include more details.
  • I/O Filter Guidelines and Best Practices has been updated to include a statement about the I/O filters and snapshot trees.
  • Storage Filtering has been updated to correct the value of the Same Hosts and Transports Filter. The correct value is config.vpxd.filter.sameHostsAndTransportsFilter.
EN-001799-04 Estimate Lifetime of Flash Devices has been updated to include additional details.
EN-001799-03 Migrate Virtual Machines with Flash Read Cache has been corrected to match options available in the vSphere Web Client.
EN-001799-02 Obtain Information for VMFS Pointer Block Cache now covers the esxcli storage vmfs pbcache command.
EN-001799-01 Minor revisions.
EN-001799-00 Initial release.