You must perform several steps to prepare your environment for an online or offline upgrade to ATS-only locking.


  1. Upgrade all hosts that access the VMFS5 datastore to the newest version of vSphere.
  2. Determine whether the datastore is eligible for an upgrade of its current locking mechanism by running the esxcli storage vmfs lockmode list command.
    The following sample output fields indicate that the datastore is eligible for an upgrade, and show its current locking mechanism and an upgrade mode available for the datastore.
    Locking Mode  ATS Compatible  ATS Upgrade Modes
    ------------  --------------  -----------------
    ATS+SCSI           true       Online or Offline
  3. Depending on the upgrade mode available for the datastore, perform one of the following actions:
    Upgrade Mode Action
    Online Verify that all hosts have consistent storage connectivity to the VMFS datastore.
    Offline Verify that no hosts are actively using the datastore.