Use the datastore browser to move folders or files to a new location, either on the same datastore or on a different datastore.

Note: Virtual disk files are moved or copied without format conversion. If you move a virtual disk to a datastore on a different type of host from the source host, you might need to convert the virtual disks before you can use them.


Required privilege: Datastore.Browse Datastore


  1. Open the datastore browser.
    1. Display the datastore in the inventory.
    2. Right-click the datastore and select Browse Files ().
  2. Browse to an object you want to move, either a folder or a file.
  3. Select the object and click the Move selection to a new location icon.
  4. Specify the destination location.
  5. (Optional) Select Overwrite files and folders with matching names at the destination.
  6. Click OK.