You must perform several configuration steps before you mount an NFS datastore in vSphere.



  1. On the NFS server, configure an NFS volume and export it to be mounted on the ESXi hosts.
    1. Note the IP address or the DNS name of the NFS server and the full path, or folder name, for the NFS share.
      For NFS 4.1 you can collect multiple IP addresses or DNS names to take advantage of the multipathing support that an NFS 4.1 datastore provides. NFS 3 and non-Kerberos NFS 4.1 support IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.
    2. If you plan to use Kerberos authentication with NFS 4.1, specify the Kerberos credentials to be used by ESXi for authentication.
  2. On each ESXi host, configure a VMkernel Network port for NFS traffic.
    For more information, see the vSphere Networking documentation.
  3. If you plan to use Kerberos authentication with the NFS 4.1 datastore, configure the ESXi hosts for Kerberos authentication.
    Make sure that each host that mounts this datastore is a part of an Active Directory domain and its NFS authentication credentials are set.

What to do next

You can now create an NFS datastore on the ESXi hosts.