To communicate with a storage provider, the vCenter Server uses a secure SSL connection. The SSL authentication mechanism requires that both parties, the vCenter Server and the storage provider, exchange SSL certificates and add them to their truststores.

The vCenter Server can add the storage provider certificate to its truststore as part of the storage provider installation. If the certificate is not added during the installation, use one of the following methods to add it when registering the storage provider:

  • Direct the vCenter Server to the storage provider certificate. In the New Storage Provider dialog box, select the Use storage provider certificate option and specify the certificate's location.
  • Use a thumbprint of the storage provider certificate. If you do not direct the vCenter Server to use the provider certificate, the certificate thumbprint is displayed. You can check the thumbprint and approve it. The vCenter Server adds the certificate to the truststore and proceeds with the connection.

The storage provider adds the vCenter Server certificate to its truststore when the vCenter Server first connects to the provider.