When you define or edit a storage policy for virtual machines, you can create or modify a rule that references tags that you used for particular datastores. The datastores become compatible with that type of storage policy.

You can add tag-based rules to a rule set that includes storage-specific rules, or create a separate rule set with only tag-based rules. When you use tags in the policies, follow these guidelines:
  • If the rule set contains other storage-specific rules, the datastore with the assigned tag must satisfy all of the rules in the rule set.
  • If you add several tags from the same category within the same rule, the tags are treated as alternative constraints. Either of the tags can be satisfied.
  • If you add the tags in separate rules within the same rule set, all tags must be satisfied.


Create storage tags and apply them to datastores. See Assign Tags to Datastores.


  1. On the Rule Set page, add or edit a tag-based rule:
    • To add a rule, click the Add tag-based rule button.
    • To modify an existing rule, select the rule and click the Modify rule icon.
  2. Specify a category.
  3. Make a tag selection or edit an existing selection.


Datastores that use the tags that you selected are compatible with the storage policy.