This sample procedure explains how to configure the QLogic HBA to boot ESXi from SAN. The procedure involves enabling the QLogic HBA BIOS, enabling the selectable boot, and selecting the boot LUN.


  1. While booting the server, press Ctrl+Q to enter the Fast!UTIL configuration utility.
  2. Perform the appropriate action depending on the number of HBAs.
    Option Description
    One HBA If you have only one host bus adapter (HBA), the Fast!UTIL Options page appears. Skip to Step 3.
    Multiple HBAs If you have more than one HBA, select the HBA manually.
    1. In the Select Host Adapter page, use the arrow keys to position the cursor on the appropriate HBA.
    2. Press Enter.
  3. In the Fast!UTIL Options page, select Configuration Settings and press Enter.
  4. In the Configuration Settings page, select Adapter Settings and press Enter.
  5. Set the BIOS to search for SCSI devices.
    1. In the Host Adapter Settings page, select Host Adapter BIOS.
    2. Press Enter to toggle the value to Enabled.
    3. Press Esc to exit.
  6. Enable the selectable boot.
    1. Select Selectable Boot Settings and press Enter.
    2. In the Selectable Boot Settings page, select Selectable Boot.
    3. Press Enter to toggle the value to Enabled.
  7. Use the cursor keys to select the Boot Port Name entry in the list of storage processors (SPs) and press Enter to open the Select Fibre Channel Device screen.
  8. Use the cursor keys to select the specific SP and press Enter.
    If you are using an active-passive storage array, the selected SP must be on the preferred (active) path to the boot LUN. If you are not sure which SP is on the active path, use your storage array management software to find out. The target IDs are created by the BIOS and might change with each reboot.
  9. Perform the appropriate action depending on the number of LUNs attached to the SP.
    Option Description
    One LUN The LUN is selected as the boot LUN. You do not need to enter the Select LUN screen.
    Multiple LUNs Select LUN screen opens. Use the cursor to select the boot LUN, then press Enter.
  10. If any remaining storage processors show in the list, press C to clear the data.
  11. Press Esc twice to exit and press Enter to save the setting.