When you use the storage provider functionality, certain requirements and considerations apply.

Typically, vendors are responsible for supplying storage providers that integrate with vSphere. Storage providers are implemented through VMware APIs for Storage Awareness (VASA). The VASA architecture extends the Storage Monitoring Service (SMS), shipped with vSphere, and defines a set of functions that vCenter Server and ESXi hosts can use to communicate with VASA Providers.

To use storage providers, follow these requirements:

  • Make sure that every storage provider you use is certified by VMware and properly deployed. For information about deploying the storage providers, contact your storage vendor or check the VMware Compatibility Guide.
  • Make sure that the storage provider is compatible with the vSphere version. See VMware Compatibility Guide
When you use storage providers, the following considerations apply:
  • Both block storage and file system storage devices can use storage providers.
  • Storage providers can run anywhere, except vCenter Server. Typically, the third-party storage provider runs on either the storage array service processor or on a standalone host.
  • Multiple vCenter Servers can simultaneously connect to a single instance of a storage provider.
  • A single vCenter Server can simultaneously connect to multiple different storage providers. It is possible to have a different storage provider for each type of physical storage device available to your host.