Datastore-specific rules are based on data services that storage entities such as Virtual SAN and Virtual Volumes advertise. To the virtual machine that uses this policy, the datastore guarantees that it can satisfy the storage requirements of the virtual machine. The datastore also guarantees that it can provide a specific set of characteristics for capacity, performance, availability, redundancy, and so on.

One datastore-specific rule set can include rules from only a single storage entity.


If your environment includes storage entities such as Virtual SAN or Virtual Volumes, review these functionalities. For information, see the Administering VMware Virtual SAN documentation and Working with Virtual Volumes.


  1. On the Rule Set page, select a storage provider, for example, Virtual SAN or Virtual Volumes, from the Rules based on data services drop-down menu.
    The page expands to show data services provided by the storage resource.
  2. Select a data service to include and specify its value.
    Verify that the values you provide are within the range of values that the data services profile of the storage resource advertises.
    Based on your input, the storage consumption mechanism calculates the amount of space that is required for a virtual disk that will reside on this storage entity.
  3. (Optional) Add tag-based rules.
  4. Click Next.