If you plan to enable NPIV on your virtual machines, you should be aware of certain requirements.

The following requirements exist:

  • NPIV can be used only for virtual machines with RDM disks. Virtual machines with regular virtual disks use the WWNs of the host’s physical HBAs.

  • HBAs on your host must support NPIV.

    For information, see the VMware Compatibility Guide and refer to your vendor documentation.

    • Use HBAs of the same type, either all QLogic or all Emulex. VMware does not support heterogeneous HBAs on the same host accessing the same LUNs.

    • If a host uses multiple physical HBAs as paths to the storage, zone all physical paths to the virtual machine. This is required to support multipathing even though only one path at a time will be active.

    • Make sure that physical HBAs on the host have access to all LUNs that are to be accessed by NPIV-enabled virtual machines running on that host.

  • The switches in the fabric must be NPIV-aware.

  • When configuring a LUN for NPIV access at the storage level, make sure that the NPIV LUN number and NPIV target ID match the physical LUN and Target ID.