In cases where vCenter Server plug-ins are not working, you have several options to correct the problem.

vCenter Server plug-ins that run on the Tomcat server have extension.xml files, which contain the URL where the corresponding Web application can be accessed. These files are located in C:\Program Files\VMware\Infrastructure\VirtualCenter Server\extensions. Extension installers populate these XML files using the DNS name for the machine.

Example from the stats extension.xml file: <url></url>.

vCenter Server, plug-in servers, and the clients that use them must be located on systems under the same domain. If they are not under the same domain, or if the DNS of the plug-in server is changed, the plug-in clients will not be able to access the URL, and the plug-in will not work.

You can edit the XML files manually by replacing the DNS name with an IP address. Reregister the plug-in after you edit its extension.xml file.